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Established in 2005, Team Squamish is a youth cycling team. Its mission is to:
“Create an environment for young athletes to develop their cycling skills and realize their potential, by supporting their training, providing coaching, and enabling opportunity”
It was originally affiliated with SORCA (Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association) and was founded by community members and local bike shop owners. It has since evolved into a non-profit athletic organization funded by athlete fees and by sponsor donations.
Governance is provided by an executive team of community members and parents. All are volunteers and devote their time in support of the team. The athletes are guided during training and supported at races by professional and accredited coaching.
The team helps athletes realize their potential through participation on the “development” team. These athletes compete at the local and provincial level. Seasoned athletes that have had success and show commitment to racing may then achieve “elite” team status which will result in them competing at the national and international level.
Although Team Squamish is a cross-country race team, it encourages its athletes to participate in many cycling disciplines including downhill, BMX, cycle-cross, track and road.

All Team Squamish athletes are
UCI members, licensed by

Cycling BC.

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  • In Squamish, as a parent of athletic kids, Team Squamish exposes young riders to Mountain Bike training with a certified coach and a focus on developing kids into racers. Watching the young riders gain confidence with success and grow into accomplished mountain bikers has been rewarding as a parent. Thanks Coach Mike and Team Squamish.

    Keri Verner
    Keri Verner Mountaineer
  • Growing up in Squamish exposed me to Mountain Biking at an early age and I quickly decided that it was the sport for me as I loved every aspect of biking. I joined Team Squamish at the age of 13 and with great coaching, training and mentoring from the senior Team Squamish riders, I developed into a successful Mountain Bike racer. Throughout my years on Team Squamish I grew from the youngest rider to being one of the older riders, and really feel like I have come full circle into being able to mentor the younger riders just as I had been mentored. I feel like this mentorship role of the older riders as well as all ages riding and training together is a huge advantage in making riders into successful racers as Team Squamish has done countless times! Thank You Team Squamish Rhys Verner- Kona Factory Team.

     Rhys Verner
    Rhys Verner Rider
  • The Team Squamish program available for youth in town played a integral role in my development not only as an athlete but as a person. Many of my closest relationships and best memories are directly thanks to my time on Team Squamish. As a bike racer, it is safe to say that I would not be where I am today if it were not for Team Squamish.

    Quinn Moberg
    Quinn Moberg
  • I’m Sean Fincham and I was a part of Team Squamish for 3 years. I joined the team in October of 2013 and started racing in the spring of 2014. I had done some bike racing before I joined Team Squamish which included school, BMX, and DH races. I have had some good success as an XC racer but none of that would have been possible without Team Squamish. Team Squamish provided me with the opportunity to ride as part of a team, working with and against other riders to hone my bike riding skills and build my fitness base. My coach, Mike Charuk, has been and continues to be, a mentor. We talk on a regular basis and he provides me with the tools to race at a high level.

    Sean Fincham
    Sean Fincham Rider

We build champions

  • Ainhoa Ijurko Rider

    2019 4th Place -Mountain Bike World Cup at Lest Gets, France
    2019 4th Place -Mountain Bike World Cup at Valnord Pal Arinsal, Andorra
    2019 1st Place – 2nd Elite Woman BC Cup round 1 at Whistler, BC, Canada
    2019 1st Place Jr Woman Garbanzo ’19 at Whistler, BC, Canada
    2019 1st Place Fox AirDH Crankworx at Whistler, BC, Canada
    2018 Canadian Dh Cup Champion Elite & Junior
    2018 Steve Smith Memorial Dh Bc Cup
    2017 Canadian Enduro Championship
    2017 Canadian Nationals – 1st U21
    2017 & 2018  Princess of Crankworx Whistler
    2017 & 2018 Crankworx Garbanzo DH – 1st Junior
    2017 Crankworx Canadian Open Challenger Enduro – 1st
    2017 Hot on Your Heels Squamish Enduro – 1st Junior & 1st overall women

  • Lauren Rosser

    2006- Test of Metal 1st Teen
    2008- Test of Metal 2nd U19
    2009- Canadian Nationals 1st U17
    2010- Test of Metal 1st U20
    2010- World Championahip DH- 1st Junior
    2011- Canadian Nationals 6th Junior
    2011- World Champioships DH- 3rd Jumior

  • Meghan Kindree

    2006- Test of Metal winner
    2007- Test of Metal winner
    2007- Canadian Nationals- 2nd, Junior women
    2015- Test of Metal, Gear Jammer 1st 30-34 female

  • Miranda Miller

    2008- Canada Cup Overall champion DH
    2009- Crankwork Garbanzo- 1st Pro
    2009- US open DH 1st Pro
    2010- Canadian Nationals DH 2nd Pro
    2011- Canadian Nationals DH 3rd Pro

  • Mo Lawrence

    2006- Test of Metal 1st teen
    2008- Test of Metal 3rd U19
    2009 – Test of Metal 1st U19
    2009- Canadian Nationals- 1st U17
    2010 -Canadian Nationals- 9th U19
    2011- Test of Metal 1st u19

  • Neal Kindree

    2005- Test of Metal 2nd elite men
    2006- Test of Metal winner, elite men
    2007 -Test of Metal winner, elite men
    2007- Canadian Nationals- 1st U23
    2011- Canadian Nationals- 4th Elite Men
    2013- Test of Metal, Ore Crusher, JABR winner, elite men

  • Quinn Moberg

    2015- Test of Metal 2nd Elite Men
    2016- Test of Metal, Ore Crusher, Gear Jammer 1st Elite Men
    2016- Canadian Nationals 6th U23

  • Rhys Verner Rider

    2012- Test of Metal 1st U19
    2013- Test of Metal 1st U19
    2014- Test of Metal 1st U19
    2014- Canadian Nationals 2nd Junior
    -Canadian Nationals 2nd Men’s XCE
    -World Championships 41st Junior
    2015- Test of Metal 1st U19
    2015- Canadian Nationals 2nd Junior
    – Canadian Nationals 3rd Men’s XCE
    – World Championships 35th Junior
    2016- Canadian Nationals 8th U23
    – Canadian Nationals 1st Men’s XCE

  • Sean Fincham

    2016- Canadian Nationals 1st Junior
    2016- World Championships 8th Junior

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