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List of Documents

Team Squamish Application Form and Waiver
UCI Licence Application:
CCA Supplement Strategy 
Concussion Management

Rider Preparation:

  • Proper clothing for environmental conditions (temp, rain, snow)
  • Jacket, tights, jersey, shorts, toque, booties, winter gloves.
  • Helmet, eyewear, armor, goggles.
  • Spare tube, pump, tire levers, multi-tool, and patch kit.
  • Emergency money, cell phone.
  • Chainbreak master link or pin.
  • Food, hydration drink, water.
  • Leave itinerary of where you are going to ride and return time.

After the Ride:

  • Hose and clean off your bike.
  • Wipe down bike and drive train.
  • Oil the chain.
  • Wash wet clothing and gear or hang to air dry. (get it ready for the next ride)
  • Replenish fuel stores (fruit smoothie, milk, banana, etc.) within 30 min of ride.
  • Log activity in your training log.

Useful Team Links


Team Communications

All athletes and parents will be granted a teamsnap account. This account will allow access to the team calendar, contact lists, and email notifications for upcoming team training, races, and other events.
Planning for the new program year is done in the fall, and an annual kick-off meeting is held in the early New Year that informs all athletes, parents and sponsors of the upcoming year’s program.

Bike Check:

  • Tire pressure, look for nicks to sidewalls, bead seated.
  • Wheels are true, no broken spokes.
  • Fork and shock pressure adjusted properly.
  • Chain to be well oiled and running smoothly.
  • Derailleur is running smoothly.
  • Secure front and rear quick releases.
  • Check tightness of handlebars, stem and saddle.
  • Do drop test to see of bike rattle. (indication that something is wrong)

good luck!

& have a safe, fun
& successful season!

Rules & Docs
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