Ben DicksonRider

    My favourite sport is biking and then skiing!. I love riding with my dad, he teaches me a lot of techniques. And I really enjoyed the twoonie races last year and I’m looking forward to doing more! And I’m super excited to be on Team Squamish.


    What would be your superhero power? Why?

    Teleportation, so I could bike anywhere.

    Best trail to ride in Squamish? Why?

    Crouching squirrel hidden monkey, because of the technical flow.

    Dream bike trip?

    The Dolomites.

    Do you have a superstitious ritual or lucky charm?

    I close my eyes and see what I’m going to do in my head. That is what my dad told me to do and it works for me.

    If you could take anyone in the world out for a bike ride, who would it be?

    My dad.

    Describe yourself in four words…

    Funny, athletic, crazy.

    What is something that most people don’t know about you?

    I’m vegetarian.

    Worst injury and how did it happen?

    I put two bean bags behind the couch and as I jumped my sister pulled her bea

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