Emily GoodRider

    1. What would be your superhero power? Why?
    I would be able to talk to animals. I’ve always wanted to know what my cats are saying. When I was little I always wanted to be a vet, I’ve always found animals interesting and funny.

    2. Best trail to ride in Squamish? Why?
    Somewhere over there. It has fun tech, and lots of rock slabs.

    3. Dream bike trip?
    I would love to go to Europe and do a bike trip in the swiss alps.

    4. Do you have a superstitious ritual or lucky charm?
    Every time I look at the clock and it reads 11:11 or 22:22 (10:22 pm) I make a wish and then touch something red so that it comes true. Or if someone says something like, oh don’t worry you’ll do great on the test. I’ll tell them to knock on wood so they don’t jinx it.

    5. If you could take anyone in the world out for a bike ride, who would it be?
    If we are talking about this in a figurative situation, I would take Hulk on a bike ride:He’s my favourite Avenger 2. He’s funny 3. He’s easily frustrated 4. His bike would look like a toy tricycle

    6. Describe yourself in four words…
    Energetic, conscientious, competitive, smart.

    7. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
    I’ve had fourteen teeth removed.

    8. Worst injury and how did it happen?
    I think it’s a tie between the time I fell off the playground at squamish elementary, bashed my shin on a rock, went to the hospital and had it glued shut. Or When I was riding a trail in Whistler called “out there”, fell off a rock face and smashed my face on a tree and got a concussion.

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