Jasper FlemingRider

    1. What would be your superhero power? Why?
    -it would be to always stay positive so I would never feel like I need to stop or get mad at anyone.
    2. Best trail to ride in Squamish? Why?
    – treasure trail. I love it since it’s got so many different lines that are all challenging enough but you can do crazy nuts lines on it as well if your comfortable with a hospital bed.
    3. Dream bike trip?
    – I don’t think that I would want to go anywhere in specific but I think anywhere in the alpine is super fun.
    4. Do you have a superstitious ritual or lucky charm?
    – my lucky charm is riding with other people since I always crash really hard when I ride by my self.
    5. If you could take anyone in the world out for a bike ride, who would it be?
    -Finn iles since he does not strike me as a guy that enjoys going for hours and hours. I would go for so long to show him all the good stuff in Squamish.
    6. Describe yourself in four words…
    – Motivated, focused, energetic, social
    7. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
    – I used to absolutely hate cross country skiing and I thought the downhill skiing was the only good thing.

    8. Worst injury and how did it happen
    – I was riding by myself. I was doing a brand new trail when I didn’t know what was ahead and I crashed really hard got a concussion and almost broke my nose. I had also a year earlier split my knee and I have lost sensitivity and it got reopened during that crash.

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