Sienna DicksonRider

    DOB: December 21, 2003. Born in Squamish, BC.
    My most 3 inspirational people:
    1- Ellen Degeneres
    2-Ingrid Newkirk (founder of PETA-people for the ethical treatment of animals)
    3-Candide Thovex (professional free ride skier)

    These people bring out my passions; sense of humour, kindness to animals and for believing you can achieve in a sport you love!

    When I’m not skiing, riding my bike, doing Crossfit or playing soccer, I love walking my 3 dogs.


    What would be your superhero power? Why?

    Flying, because I could the world from a different perspective.

    Best trail to ride in Squamish? Why?

    Rupert, because it has some very fun rock faces.

    Dream bike trip?

    Going to Italy and biking in the Dolomites.

    Do you have a superstitious ritual or lucky charm?

    I wear my lucky socks when I bike race and I ALWAYS braid my hair before race day.

    If you could take anyone in the world out for a bike ride, who would it be?

    Danny MaCaskill.

    Describe yourself in four words…

    Kind, easygoing, funny, determined.

    What is something that most people don’t know about you?

    That deep down I dislike meat eaters.

    Worst injury and how did it happen?

    When I got my teeth knocked out with a baseball bat.

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